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Hi, I'm Dave Kenney, this sites host, if you have a comment, feel free to post. Please note that you can create a newtopic or post to an existing topic.

  • Beacon New York, or Hudson Valley Kenneys - February 19 '104
    Bruce Gordon Kenney bkclar@verizon.net
    I am Bruce G. Kenney. My father is Gordon Lamont Kenney. His father was Gordon Daniel, son of Daniel, son Benjamin Kenney. This takes us back to 1870's. I got the date from my forefather Benjamin's Clarinet lesson book. The area of Beacon was then known as Fishkill Landing and Mattewan. Is there anyone out there who can pick up the thread from here?
  • Looking for David, Pam, Sarah & Alice Kenney from NYC - October 10 '103
    Charlotte Frith cafrith@hotmail.com
    I lived with the Kenney family in NYC from January to July 1995. Unfortunately I lost touch with them when they moved but know that they are still in NYC somewhere! I would dearly love to hear from them. Any news would be greatly appreciated.
    • Kenneys landed in NYC, then South Boston - October 29 '103
      Dan Kenney dkenney@student.umass.edu
      My grandfather was Philip Kenney b. 1910 from Cambridge, Mass. His father was Martin Joseph Kenney b. 1878 who lived in NYC. He married Elizabeth Lorraine Gillespie (Donegal) born 1880 in So. Boston. Martin's father was John James Kenney of whom we know nothing. Does anyone have any links? (0)
  • more kenneys - October 05 '103
    BOB flazbo@att.net
    Looking for relations of Patrick & Mary Kenney from Newfoundland, emigrated to Us in the 1880's
  • Welsh Kenney's - August 22 '103
    Matthew Kenney mkenney@o2.co.uk
    Hello I am a Welsh Kenney (Wales, United Kingdom) my father is Mike Kenney, and his father is Herbert Kenney, the family has been in Newport, South wales for over 100 years. I have relatives in Cananda but I not sure where else, it's true about the name originating in France then part of the family went to Ireland, I hope that this information may help some of you...

    Dave this is a great site well done....

  • possible history - August 18 '103
    Robert Kenney robertkenney2003@yahoo.co.uk
    Hello everyone im a kenney from Glasgow in Scotland,and i would love to hear from anyone who could tell me a little about the family history.i only know the outlines so maybe some of you could fill in the blanks,apparently the name kenney possibly originates from the french name Le Ken who eventually settled in Somerset,England where the name became Kenny or Kenney sometime in the 12th century.We then settled throughout the british isles especially Ireland founding places such as Kilkenny,Letterkenney etc the kenneys must have been high up in the royal courts as Sir Nicholas Kenney was the general escheater of Ireland for Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England.Between then and now hopefully you guys could help me out too.
  • Kenney's of North Carolina - July 05 '103
    Chuck Kenney chuckkenney@webtv.net
    I am Charles F. (Chuck) Kenney in N.C. Son of Charles U. Kenney, and my late grandfather Charlie Harvey Kenney. I have 2 other brothers, 4 sisters. All here in N.C., one sister passed away, & one sister in Flordia. My grand Pa was a builder for awhile, and later a coal miner, west virginia. . My dad was a truck driver for many years after serving in the army in the 40's. I am a radio broadcaster by profession..also a retired senior sergeant from the U.S. army..a Vietnam veteran. Would be nice to hear from anyone who may be related to the Kenney's of North Carolina. E-mail me.
  • Kenneys from Kenney, IL - March 20 '103
    Katie Kenney ctkenney@uiuc.edu
    I'm interested in finding other descendents of Joe Kenney (and either his first wife, Elsa, or his second wife, Neva) who were from the little town of Kenney near Clinton, IL. Joe was my great-grandfather. In addition to my grandfather, John Harvey Kenney, he had a daughter Edith, another daughter whose name I don't know, and sons Dale and Roger. I have recently moved to central Illinois (grew up in the northeast), and I'm wondering if there are any 2nd or 3rd cousins still living in this area.
    • The Kenneys - March 08 '104
      Janiece DuPree janiece@bwsys.net
      I came across your query about Kenney cousins while I was trying to find who the cable tv provider was for Kenney. I didn't find that info, but maybe I can give you a little bit of a direction.

      I grew up in Kenney and my mom is very active in the Kenney Heritage group which has done a nice job of restoring a building on main street. If you haven't visited the building, you might want to. There is a very small museum upstairs and there is a lot of information and also some photos of Kenneys. Anyone who is a member of the Heritage group could take you up to see the items, but the woman who is more or less the curator of the museum is Kate Bruce and her phone number is 217-944-2316. Kate is the one who has filed, organized, and archived most of the items and information. She may well be able to direct you to some of the other Kenney descendents. Sadly, the only local descendent I know of passed away last year. There may be others that Kate knows of though.

      I may have given you a lot of information that you already know, but I wish you luck in your search!

      Janiece DuPree (0)

    • cousins - August 25 '103
      Jim Kenney jimk2us@yahoo.com
      My grand father was Joe Kenney and Grandmother was Neva Kenney. My fathers name was James Dale Kenney and mothers was Ina Kenney(Copeland). Dads brothers were John, Roger and my father James Dale, or as everyone called him joe. I think the girls name was Ethel, but do not hold me to that. I can still vivadly remember me and my sister Judy, walking from frandma and grandpas house on the end of the main drag, to the drugstore and getting a bag full of cady for just a few pennies. Going to watch the blacksmith was a real blast also. If it turns out we are cousins, please email me and I will be able to tell you where to find out more about everyone Jim Kenney (0)
  • Kenney in Georgia - February 16 '103
    William G. Bates WGB97@adelphia.net
    I am a descendant of Mollie Kenney who married my great grandfather, James Thomas Bates, in either Spalding Co, Ga or Blakely, Ga. Her father was born in Sales City, Ga (west of Blakely and almost on the Ga/Al line) but was living in Blakely while working as some official of the circuit court. Mollie (spelling on tombstone in Eustis, Fl) was born 1870 in either Sales City or Blakely and died 1959 in Altoona, Fl where James and most of is children migrated to about 1920 and where my grandfather, Raymond Harvey Bates lived until his death in 1983. We have William Kenney's father listed as Jackson Kenney with wife Sarah but have no other information on them. If anyone has anything on this family would appreciate an email. Thanks and che-ers William G. Bates <>
  • Kenny - New London, CT - January 22 '103
    Moner zephr39@yahoo.com
    I am researching Mary Margaret Julia Kenny, B: May 31, 1908, New London, CT; D: Sep 30, 1990. Buried St Mary's Cem, Port Chester, NY. She became Sister Mary Edmunda Dolan and mostly with Society of the Holy Child Jesus. Her parents were: Catherine Cunningham and John M Kenny from Ireland. She and my Grandmother were cousins. I know she had at least 4 older siblings, but not their names. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew her or could put me in touch with a family member. Thank you.
  • kenneys from Canada - January 12 '103
    grant james kenney gkenney@rogers.com
    Anybody know this family?

    My great grandfather was Patrick Kenney of Nanticoke, Ontario. His son, my grandfather, was James Henry Kenney of Ottawa, Ontario born in 1880 died in 1943. My father is James Curtis Kenney, born 1918 in Woodstock, Ontario raised in Ottawa, Ontario. His older brother, Gordon lives in N.Y., N.Y. His younger sister Grace lives in Toronto.

    It does seem impossible for people to spell the Kenney name. When JFK was President, it was always Kennedy. I am told that the name was Kenny and the "e" was added to make it more English because the reputation of the Irish was tough to live down. Reading Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes would give you some idea of where that reputation may have come from. We're all o.k. today though, aren't we?

    • Kenney's - March 18 '103
      Cheryl Kenny Swanson swanson@mato.com
      Hi, I was told that the Kenny spelling depended on the religion of the person in Ireland. The Kenny spelling was proestant and the Kenney spelling was cathoilc. My Great Great Grandfather came from Ireland and lived in Canada, Ontario until 1883 when they came to America. My Grandfathers name was James Henderson Kenny. They spelled their name Kenney until they came to the states and then changed it to Kenny. We have never been able to find out if there were brothers of his or other family that may have stayed in Canada. Do you know what year Patrick Kenney was born and when he came from Ireland? James was born in 1824 and we have no idea what year he came to Canada. I tend to follow up on all inguires of Kenny's hoping that I will find a lead. Thankyou for your time, and may the luck of the Irish always be with you! Cheryl (0)
    • do kno somethin - January 17 '103
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  • Kenney's Pennsylvania?? Canada? Michigan - December 26 '102
    Carol Marston cmarston@bytethis.com
    I have the line of Peter D. Kenney... who moved to Trafalgar Canada...

    I am curious to know if he is related to the rather famous Religious figure Peter Kenney?

    Our line comes down through Rebecca Kenney md Mulholland. Would love to hear from anyone.

    Also,,, need to i.d. a Kenney photos including Rebecca as daughter.

  • Kenneys of Kilkenny and Canada - December 06 '102
    James Kenney jskenney@ozemail.com.au
    I am interested to kow if anyone has information about Kenney family of Kilkenny who went to Ottawa c 1826. Two brothers were Mark and William but father's name cannot be found. They were Church of Ireland (Anglican) and William, my 3x grandfather, was then about 6 years old.
    • Mark Kenney - February 14 '104
      Lori Harsh abby93@shaw.ca
      I have a great-great-great-great grandfather named Mark Kenney who arrived in Canada c.1832 and farmed in Goulbourne Co. Still trying to trace his birthplace in Ireland,DOB c. 1811-1821(depending on which census you want to believe. He had a grandson named William and it is a name that carried thru generations so assume a family name. Could this be the William Kenney's brother that you are looking for? All I know about birthplace is what his son listed on death certificate(north Ireland)which could be anything north of Dublin, but family legend has it that his wife(or mother)died on ship & he(or his father) remarried within days of disembarking. Please let me know if this matches up with anything or if my rumors sound familiar to your family rumors. Oh yeah, my bunch were listed Church of England in census records(same church as Ireland,just different geography). (0)
    • Kenney - March 18 '103
      Terry Kenny Hugoblack@hotmail.com
      My great grandfather came from Canada to Michigan and then on to South Dakota in 1881. Could this be a memeber of the same crew. My Great Grandfather change his name to Kenny after living in the US for several years. (0)
  • Kenney - November 11 '102
    Lisa Scherer gr64@roadlynx.net

  • Kenney Family interesting posts - October 27 '102
    Felina Jo Kenney purple333@hotmail.com
    I see you like "interesting" post. Mine should accomadate you. I am Felina Jo Kenney. My father is John Robert Kenney. There is a story that it was actually Johnnie Bob Kenney, and the middle name could have Willie or William. I wouldn't know... I don't want to cause anyone distasteful thoughts of their recent ancestor but... I know he is dead now and I have found a grave in Springfield, Missouri of a man whose was in the army, of the approximate age... I would like family tree info on Missouri Kenneys who where in the army & stationed in Texas in 1958. I have a photo of my father and I look just like him. Please make sure to put "John Kenney info" in the subject line of any e-mail sent me at purple333@hotmail.com THANK YOU Dave for this site But considering how few & far between the post are I do not expect much.
  • Kenney family roots - July 27 '102
    Molly Hustus hustus_dragon@yahoo.com
    I am looking for information on my grandfathers family. His name is Albert Kenney. Mother is Cora Matthews and father is David. Born Feb. 2nd 1905 and died August 24th 1969. His wife is Alice E.(Boardman). Children David,Doris, Mildred, Betty lou, Dorothy, Ruth, Wilma, Margaret, Nancy, and my mother Geneva who is the youngest. Would appreciate any info. Thanks.
  • Looking for information on "Molly" Kenney - July 24 '102
    William Grover Bates WGB97@aol.com
    My great grandfather, James thomas Bates, married Molly 16 Jan 1889. We believe it was in the vicinity of Griffin, Ga. since that is where James was born and lived until he began moving around sometime after marrying Molly. They moved to several places in Georgia and Alabama (Vaughn, Blakely, Abbeville, Dothan) before finally moving to Altoona, Fl about 1921. I believe "Molly" is a nickname with her given name as possibly Mary, Dorothy, Margaret, or even a name unrelated to Molly but have not discovered any promising leads to date. James was born 10 Mar 1854 Griffin, Ga and my father relates they actually lived somewhat southeast of Griffin instead of in the "Town" area. We have no other information on Molly and looking for any help we can find. If anyone has any info, no matter how remote, would appreciate an email. Thanks and enjoy your web site. William Grover Bates <>
  • looking for theodore lee kenney - June 25 '102
    april virnig av17_2002@yahoo.com
    his parents are archie and willa kenney, he is 51 or 52, born in march, and now lives somewhere in seattle, washington. if you have any info i would be so greatful, so please email me if you do. thank you so much
  • Illinois/Pennsylvania Kenneys - June 19 '102
    Vernon Wesley Kenney Vernokenn@aol.com
    My father did some research about the family and he discovered an ancestor who came from County Tyrone in what is now Ulster. He settled in Pennsylvania near Brandywine. Descendents are George, William, James, and Benjamin Kenney. Our line goes through Benjamin, born 1764. Sons were John Blair Kenney, born 1794, James Kenney, born 1806, Wesley Kenney, born 1808, and William Kenney. Our line comes through James, who was a circuitrider preacher (Methodist). His sons were William, Cyrus, John Fletcher,born ?, a farmer in Loda, Illinois Benjamin, James Wesley Kenney. Our line comes through John Fletcher, whose sons were James, Cyrus, Guy Eugene, Walter Griffith, John Sidney, Fletcher Newton,Merton Dunlop,William Edward and Irvin Waldo Kenney. Our line came through William Edward, my grandfather who was a farmer and implement dealer in Paxton, IL. His sons were Harold Eugene, John Fletcher, and Mahlon Wesley Kenney, my father. I'd be happy to hear from any Kenneys who are related to this branch of the Kenney Family.
    • Kenney Lineage - January 23 '104
      William Kenney wckenney@earthlink.net
      I am a Kenney, lineage through James to William to John Fletcher to Claude to Floyd, then my generation. Have been tracing Kenney's. Your webpage will allow me to fill in many more holes. For a good GEDCOM file go to familysearch.org, hit the search button and use Cyrus Kenney in California as a starting point. There are at least 100 names listed at this site. Sumitter of most of this information is a James Earles, whom I feel is down Cyrus' line. Planning to write him about this. Will pass on site address to my aunt Carol Clow. Bill (0)
    • Cyrus Kenney - July 06 '103
      Katrina Prati katprati@netscape.net
      My gg-grandfather was P. Cyrus Kenney who married Martha A. Holmes c. 1830. Their son George Kenney was my great-grandfather, (not sure if he is George W. Kenney) who married Laura Belle Ballard. They had many children, including Ava, Orvan, Joe, Nellie and Mattie. These Kenneys lived in Missouri, where some ancestors still live. My grandmother Ava, also lived in Woodward OK and married Herbert Theodore Worsham. (0)
    • GREENE CO,TN KENNEYS - June 16 '103
      LUCI KENNEY lkmimi2002@yahoo.com
      I was impressed by th is website,but saw no mention of the folks I'm researching. Does anyone out there have information about James Kenney of Greene CO,TN who married Elizabeth Weems of the same area? He was born in 1802,married in 1833.Would like to know the names of his parents,and,where they are from. THANKS! LUCI (0)
    • KENNEY,Alston/CARTER,Orlena - June 16 '103
      Josette A. Bishara crochet02@sbcglobal.net
      I'm looking for Alston KENNEY's father who born in Pennsylvania. I don't know excatly what year his father moved to Tennessee that where Alston born in Greene Co., Tennessee. His mother was born in Tennessee. I'm looking for his father name. I found 1880 Census of Alston's family lived in Elkron Twp. McDonald Co., Missouri. He mentioned his father was born in Pennsylvania. I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone. Thank you! Josette A. Bishara (0)
    • kenney chat page - January 12 '103
      Grant James Kenney gkenney@rogers.com
      I am the younger son of James Curtis Kenney, who was born September 30, 1918 in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada about a 7 hour drive from Pittsburgh. Could there be a connection? Jim is still alive. I will ask. (0)
  • Mentor Graphics - June 17 '102
    Dale Davis DDavis80@hotmail.com

    Hi, I was wondering has Mentor Graphics Ver 7 on the symbols geoms etc, ever had a conversion to the ver 8 enviroment.

    Sincerely Dale Davis

  • Searching for Jason Kenney - May 28 '102
    A. Lutz petrie206@aol.com
    Hi I am looking for a Jason Kenney - born 11/27/1977. Please email me if you have any info. thx petrie206@aol.com
  • 35th BDQ - May 23 '102
    Harry C. Stewart jnhstewARTs@att.net
    My other E-mail was wromg. Here is the right one. I hope to hear from som of the members
    • New E-mail - July 03 '103
      Harry C. Stewart
      looking for 35th B-D-Q members (0)
  • FAMILY BIBLE - May 23 '102
    PATRICK SHAWN KENNEY pardrickenney@juno.com




    • another line - October 23 '103
      shawn Kenney x_sabre@hotmail.com
      Hi I just discovered your site and my be able to add to the family line. I'm afraid I don't have many specifics but I do know that there were two kenney brothers that came over from englan, one settling in Main and the other in Nova Scotia. My grandfather Frank Kenney was born in Lower Argile NS in our family home that I'm told had been there for over 150 years. After the war Frank moved to Ottawa ON where he raised his family. He had two sons and a daugter, Norman, Brian and Susan Kenney. Brian and Susan moved back to Nova Scotia and reside in Halifax. I am the son of Brian.

      I don't know anything earlier than that but I will look for some earlier records that may fill in some blanks. (0)

  • Westchester NY - April 10 '102
    sandy kenney realestateguy@msn.com
    I grew up in Larchmont NY, my father ,George, was from a large family in NewRochelle NY. I am now living in Los Angeles CA. My father had 9 brothers and sisters and I am the only son of a male offspring to carry on the Kenney line. I have two daughters Audra & Tessa.
    • REPLY T O QUESTION - July 03 '103
      I was born in New rochelle in 1941 AND NOW LIVE IN FLORIDA


    • family - December 11 '102
      rohan rodaver@aol.com
      Where in New Rochelle did this family live West End South End (0)
  • Checking in - April 03 '102
    Kathleen Kenney Lucente kathleen@kmlucente.net
    I posted a note back in Sept 1999 regarding my Kenney family roots in NYC and up-state NY. The note was posted before I got married -- so it was under Kathleen Kenney. I revisiting the site I noticed that there are three messages in reaction to my note but I can't seem to access them. I'd love to re-connect -- all the best, Kathleen
  • Kenney Family Roots - December 04 '101
    Sarah Charity Elizabeth Kenney Venner elizaberth.venner@compaq.com
    My father is Malachi Patrick Kenney Jr Brooklyn My grandfather is Malachi Patrick Kenney Sr Watertown, MA My brother is Malachi Patrick Kenney III born in Huntington, NY
  • Kenney's - Conneticut - November 08 '101
    Linda Kenney linda4k@hotmail.com
    My father was Charles Spencer Kenney and his father was Charles Denver Kenney. My Father was born in New York. I know I have relatives in Conneticut. The funny thing, my brother is David Kenney. David Christian Kenney. I will tell him about this site.
  • Mwmbers of the 35th BDQ - July 03 '101
    Harry C. Stewart juha@att.net
    This is quite a sight. I`m looking for members of the 35th BDQ (mop)
  • looking for Rangers - May 23 '101
    1/SGT Retired Harry C. Stewart juha@att.net
    I`m looking for members of Ranger Class 11/64. I was the acting PLT Sgt I was with the 35th and 36th BDQ during TET.If anyone reads this and was with the class and BN, give me an E-mail
  • Boston Kenney's - April 12 '101
    Kristi Kenney kristikenney@hotmail.com
    Another Kenney here! I am Kristi, sister to Sean, (who posted a little further down) and daughter to John (Jack) Patrick Kenney and Arlene Frances Keon. My dad, John Kenney, is brother to Maureen and Robert (Bobby) born in the 40's. My grandmother, Mary Anne O'Sullivan (I think?) was originally from Ireland and died in the early 80's. I don't know much about my grandfather because he died before I was born but I think he was also John Patrick Kenney, also from Ireland.
  • More Kenney's - March 14 '101
    Thelma Kenney Hutcheson hutchesontk@appstate.edu
    My family is from McDonald County Missouri. My Grandparents were William L. Kenney/Catherine Center Kenney. My parents were Harmon Winfred Kenney/Novetta Cloud Kenney. I have brothers in Missouri and a sister in Oklahoma.
  • More Kenney's - March 14 '101
    Thelma Kenney Hutcheson hutchesontk@appstate.edu
    My family is from McDonald County Missouri. My Grandparents were William L. Kenney/Catherine Center Kenney. My parents were Harmon Winfred Kenney/Novetta Cloud Kenney. I have brothers in Missouri and a sister in Oklahoma.
  • Kenney's of Truxton, Cortland County, NY - March 11 '101
    Steve Kenney clrtolnd@aol.com
    Great site. I am looking into my family and found most in and around Truxton, NY. My Father James C. born in PA, one of 5 sons from Donald E(Utica, NY) son of Manly Corwin(Dubois, PA) son of Manly Lucas(Truxton, NY)son of Hosea M.(Truxton, NY) son of Hosea(Truxton)son of Rev. Isaac Kenney (Roylston,MA). How's that for a run-on sentence? Other names of children include Amos, Alonzo, Charles, Eudorus, Ira, James, Marcus and Oscar. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  • Maine Kenneys - March 01 '101
    Steve Kenney kenneysf@cs.com
    Just stumbled across this site. I one of a number of Kenneys from Orono, Maine. My grandfather, Francis Kenney, and his brother (Weldon) and sister (Pauline) were all born in Maine. Their father (John) came to Maine by way of Canada from Ireland. My father (Freeman) passed away in September, 1999. I have seven siblings (three brothers and four sisters). My father's brother, John, had ten children (five of each) - we all grew up in Orono, Maine.
  • James Thomas Kenney I - February 26 '101
    Kat Dowdy mikat@peoplepc.com
    I am the third child of James Thomas Kenney from MA. I know little to nothing about my family. My father's father died before he was born, I know my father had a sister named Barbara, and I think she had two children and lived in Boston. I have a brother James Thomas Kenney II, Micheal Edward, a sister Charolette Ann, and my given name Kathleen Yvonne Kenney. I know my father died April 16, 1995 in AZ, and was born June 29, 1928. His first wife was Sarah R. Bailey, and I think his second wife was Lucille. James lived in FT. Lauderdale, Fl. when I was a child than moved to Iowa, and then to Az in the earley 1990's to be near my older brother and his family.I know my brother James has two children, and his wife is Debbie Collins, My Sister Charolette has four children, Micheal has three childern. This is all I know can anyone tell me more?
  • William John Kenney - November 02 '100
    Stacy Kaiserd dfkaiser@eee.org
    I come from a long line of William John Kenney's, at least as far back as my ggggrandfather. I also have a brother named the same. I don't have much information, except that my dad grew up in Illinois, (born around 1917), in various suburbs of Chicago. My grandmother's maiden name was Anne List, but we think that is a shortened version of her real surname. Any information, or possible relatives, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • West coast Kenney's? - August 25 '100
    Donald Kenney dkenney@sd.littondsd.com
    Hi y'all. My branch of the tree took root in Tacoma Washington. My Grandfather was Michael James Kenney, married Edna Anderson. My father, James Michael Kenney was born in 1911. I had a great grandfather who was in the Alaskan gold rush. Any "Left" coast Kenney's?
  • Another Kenney Heard From - August 20 '100
    Terrence {Terry} R. Kenney Louterk@aol.com

    Hello Dave and all.My name is Terry Kenney, and I now live in New Jersey. I am origionally from Scranton Pennsylvania. In researching my family I am stuck at the point where I found my ggf who is John Kenney (no mid initial). It goes Terrence Ralph Kenney (me), Terrence Stephen Kenney (dad), John J. Kenney (Granddad),And John (?) Kenney. Up to John(?), all were born in Scranton (not a pleasant thought). I had an uncle that moved to New Jersey, uncle (what else) John. He and his family lived in Passaic, and at one time Rutherford. PLEASE help if you can . Thanks.

    • Kenney family forest - October 31 '100
      Jeff Kenney j1kenney@home.com
      Hello Kenney's. I am Jeff Kenney and live in Southern Illinois. My dad is Edward R. Kenney who grew up in Dover, New Jersey. I believe his father was a John Kenney. He also had an uncle - John Kenney and an aunt - Anne M. Kenney.(Seems the irish weren't very good with coming up with new names!). Rumor has it that my ggf imigrated from Ireland along with a large number of brothers and sisters and resided somewhere in upstate New York (possibly Albany). The same rumor says that ggf Kenney died in a railway accident sometime just after the turn of the century. Anyone with a similar tale? (0)
    • Brothers John and James Kenney? - September 03 '100
      Robin Kenney drmsmith@direct.ca
      Terry, I don't know if you have read my entry below under JAMES VINCENT KENNEY, but I am looking for more information about my ggrandfather’s siblings and parents. My ggrand-father, James Vincent Kenney was born in county Westmeath, Ireland, in 1829. He sailed for the US with his father (name unknown) and his 3 older brothers (ONE NAMED JOHN) in 1846. They landed in NY May 15th 1846. He traveled around the east coast and mid-west with his father and brother JOHN. They entered a land claim in Iowa Township and I am told this place has since been known as Kenney Grove. After James aand JOHN's father died the brothers moved to New Haven, Conn. where they learned the carpenter trade. James married Lydia Catherine Dunn in 1860 and they settled in Williamsburg Iowa, to raise their 9 children: Bernard(Lydia child from 1st marriage), John H., Elizabeth Catherine, Ann F., Mary Margaret, Julia Mary, Magdalen B., James Vincent II, and Michael Leo (my grandfather). James Vincent died in 1912 in Williamsburg. Could your ggrandfather John have been my ggrandfather's (James Vincent) brother? Do you know where he was born? If he had siblings which is most likely. Was he raised Catholic? Please let me know if there may be a connetion here.

      Thanks (0)

  • Looking for Ellen Kenney - July 09 '100
    Pete Smith PeteSmithz@AOL.com
    I am trying to track down Ellen Kenney who was at Warwick University, UK about 25 years ago, 1974/5. Anyone know her ?
    • you found me - March 19 '101
      ELLEN KENNEY Ellenjoan@juno.com
      Pete, its me. This is amazing. What's up, or whassup, as we say over here. I am a clinical pharmacist in Augusta Maine. What are you doing with yourself, and are you in touch with any other other people I used to know? I am so surpised to have found this message, I just can't believe it. Please answer right away. Ellen (0)
  • Looking for Lost Irish Relatives. - June 22 '100
    Matthew Kenney piritex@hotmail.com
    I am Matthew W. Kenney. I am of the Kenney family that relocated from Ireland to Northern Ontario Canada around 1903. Our family was the first family to live and found the Irish county of Kilkenny, our name has changed to Kenney over the years. Interested in seeing if there is anybody out there with similar relatives?
    • Kenney's - December 02 '100
      Paul Kenney pkenney@kgw.com
      The ancient Kenney name as I understand is from O'Cionnaugh. Dates back to about 1200. The English married in and took the name around the globe. The Irish Kenney's emigrated in two batches - the first in the 1600's to Spain, Africa as well as Montreal. They were the wealthy. Then the second batch in the 1800's. They were usually the poor.

      My G-Grandfather, Thomas Herbert Kenney, emigrated from Ireland to fight for the North in the Civil war. He then settled in Ontario. One of his sons, Herbert, had two families. One in Canada, One in Michigan. I am from the Michigan gang.

      I cannot connect the ancient with Thomas. But I have the rest.



  • I AM A KENNEY - June 21 '100
  • John Vincent Kenney - June 19 '100
    Looking for my birth father John Vincent Kenney. Born somewhere during 1920's to earlier 1930's. His family was from Hyde Park Ma. Believe he has a sister Mary Nurse. He was in the Navy during WWII. I would appreciate any help in locating this side of my family.
    • kenney family - April 12 '101
      Kristi Kenney kristikenney@hotmail.com

      I was reading through this Kenney family web page. My grandmother, now deceased was Mary Anne Kenney from Quincy, Ma. If you want more information, please feel free to write back to me.

      Kristi Kenney (0)

  • Chet Kenney - June 08 '100
    William G Kenney williamk@avalon.net Williamk@avalon.net
    Hello, I am looking for any family connections to a Chester Henry or "Chet" Kenney who died at The Battle of the Bulge in 1945. I am a student in Iowa City, Iowa and I am wanting a sense of the family history.
  • Isaac KENNEY - April 29 '100
    Nancy (KENNEY) Leavitt bearnan@yahoo.com
    I am searching for info on Isaac & John KENNEY. On Isaac's funeral record it says he was b. 1851 in IL. His father was listed but no mother. I have found an Isaac b 1856 in OH with a John as his father. If this is him I am looking for some type of proof. Isaac m. Emma Jane COOPER abt. 1870. Their first 4 children were b. in IA. Can anyone out there help me?.....Thanks, Nancy

    A GREAT SITE!!!!

  • GLAD I FOUND YOU - March 14 '100
    Julie Kenney jdazzo1@aol.com
    I am also a Kenney my family is all from Brookline I have helped research this family back to our Ireland routes. I Come from quite a big family of Kenney's my grandfather had 8 siblings.. If anyone feels I might be of help Pleaes email me... You never really knew how many josephs, michaels, johns, georges, mary, mildreds, etc... there really is in this family... Do you suppose they could have come up with new names? :o) I like JULIE....
    • Kenney's from Brookline, MA - July 26 '100
      Darci Guerrein guerrein@islc.net

      I am researching the Kenney side of my family which immigrated from Ireland in the mid-1800's. My great-great grandmother (Katherine Healey Keating, born in County Leitrin, Ireland) immigrated to MA and worked as a maid for Judge Rutherford in Brookline, MA. She and her husband, Michael (of County Cork, Ireland) had three children: John, William, and Katherine. Katherine also lived in the Dorchester area after the death of her husband. Any relation, you think? (0)

    • Hi Julie. - June 22 '100
      Matthew Kenney piritex@hotmail.com
      My family history also goes back to Ireland (Kilkenny County). My family came from Ireland to Canada around 1903. My Great Grandfathers name was John Kenney. (0)
    • Kenney first names - March 15 '100
      Mary Kenney Liscombe mliscom@hotmail.com
      Hi Julie, I just found this site and, like you, am overwhelmed by the number of first names that are the same - "saints be praised" as my aunts used to say. It does make the search more difficult. Did any of your family ever live in Dorchester in the early 1900s? Mary (0)
  • WV & VA Kenney's - March 12 '100
    David Lee Kenney kenneydl@citynet.net
    My father is Floyd Edgar Kenney; my grandfather was Hunter Wesley Kenney, born in Virgia circa 1900; my great-grandfather was James Wesley Kenney, from Virginia. Are there any relatives out there?
    • re: WV Kenney's - August 07 '100
      Joe Kenney onemonk909@aol.com
      I grew up in Fort Ashby, WV, which is right along the state's border with Maryland. I don't know anyone from Wheeling, and the only Kenneys I've met are those in my immediate family. My grandmother was named Wilma and she owned a restaurant for a couple decades in Fort Ashby called the Country Roads. Never met my grandfather, and I have to admit I know very little about our family's history. I've heard that we used to be called the O'Kenny's or the McKinneys, no one seems to know for sure. Also, I was down in San Antonio yesterday and was in the Alamo; one of the men who died there was a James Kenney, from Virginia. Nothing else was listed about him. Does anyone know about him? (0)
    • Kenneys - March 15 '100
      Mary Kenney Liscombe mliscom@hotmail.com
      The Kenneys in my family (in Hopkinton, Massachusetts) once lived in Wheeling, WV. I know little beyound the fact that several of my aunts and uncles were born there. My grandparents then moved to Dorchester, MA then Hopkinton in the early 1900s. My grandfather's name was James Kenney. Mary Kenney Liscombe (0)
  • Kenneys of Enis, County Clair, Ireland - February 12 '100
    Francis Vincent Kenney FVINKENNEY@AOL.COM
    My ggrand parents were Patrick Kenney married to Mary Ann Burns whose parents were Owen and Matilda Kenney. This is from my fathers family bible. All were from Enis. However the local church burned and with it all family records. Owen and Matilda raised race horses for Australia. In all of Dave's great pages I have yet to find a mention of any Kenneys from county Clair.
  • Kenney's of Detroit - January 30 '100
    Michael Kenney m.kenney@rocketmail.com
    Hi my name is Michael and I am looking for information on any Kenney's from Michigan, specifically my Grandfather William Kenney. I know he had brothers and sisters in the Michigan and Ohio area. m.kenney@rocketmail.com
    • Kenney - April 12 '101
      Diane Kenney ddk@nethawk.com
      I have a greatgrandfather Daniel Kenney who came to Mi. and had a brother named William Ashmam and they live in St. Clair County. Diane Kenney (0)
  • Michael Moses Kenny - January 13 '100
    Ann Kenney Smith annsmith@lcsc.edu
    My great grandfather Michael Moses? Kenny arrived in San Francisco before the gold rush in 1847. I believe he was born in Tipperary in 1837. He had a cousin Margaret Leonard. My grandfather changed the spelling of his name to Kenney. In any case, Michael died in 1885 in Castroville CA. and is buried in the family plot in the SF area. I would like to find out who his parents were and who he arrived with. I wonder if he was traveling with someone, a stowaway, or possibly a cabin boy. I do know he arrived by sailing ship and married Teresa Kehoe. Anyone out there who can help me on the search?
  • ROBERT HARTWELL KENNEY 1ST, 2ND, AND 3RD - January 06 '100
  • Kenney - December 22 '99
    Lisa Ellis leeseekid@aol.com
    Great site.My maiden name is Kenney.My dad is Michael R.Kenney.My grandfather was George Kenney from NY.Anyone related?
  • Quincy Kenneys - October 26 '99
    Maura Kenney mkenney2@partners.org
    Hi. I have been checking out the site for a couple of weeks now. I didn't go to the reunion in 97' but I checked out the photos on line and heard it was a blast. I am the daughter of Michael Kenney. My dad is one of seven children to Philip, my grandfather, and my late grandmother, Barbara. My dad, Mike, and his wife live in Quincy too. We all just got together in September for my cousin Katie Sullivan's wedding. We all had a great time. Thanks for the site. Maura


    • I'm A Quincy Kenney from Sea St - September 20 '100
      Sean Kenney sena.kenney@sanmina.com
      Farther is John Kenney with a Brother Robert (0)
  • Evanston, Wyoming Kenney - October 20 '99
    Michael Kenney mkenney@wyoming.com
    According to our old parish priest, my grandfather John M Kenney came over from Roscommon, Ireland; eventually settling in Evanston WY My grandfathers father was Peter Joseph Kenney, also from Ireland Then I lose the thread. Any hints, distant relatives out there?
    • Kenney - July 18 '101
      LaRue Turner larueturner@yahoo.com
      Do you have any dates for John M Kenney and Peter Joseph Kenney? I have found a Peter Kenney in an Evanston WY 1900 census. He came from Ireland. He was 59 years old and had been born in 1840. It lists his forth son as John M Kenney, born in 1894 in Nebraska. Please let me know if these are the same ones you are looking for.

      Thanks, LaRue (0)

  • William Disen Kenney - August 29 '99
    April pab@cfw.com
    My great great grandfather was William Disen Kenney (Kenny) who married Helen Seletha Harrell in Fauquier County Va...I am searching for the descendants of any of his children..He served in Co D of Mosby's Rangers during the Civil War
    • Hi! - September 09 '99
      Frank B.
      Hi! (0)
    • Hi! - September 03 '99
      Dave Brickey
      Hi! (0)
  • New Hampshire Kenneys - August 02 '99
    Doug Fish fish@cheshire.net
    Does anyone have information on the Kenney family from southwestern,N.H., the towns of Winchester, Surry, Sullivan, and Alstead. They start out with Chauncey Newell Kenney, b. 1806 in Bethlehem, N.H. and span to the late 1900s?
  • Alabama Kenneys - May 27 '99
    Dianne Kenney Greene dgreen@acesag.auburn.edu
    Thomas Kenney moved to Coosa County Alabama before 1850 from Georgia. Had sons Benjamin, Jefferson, William. I am decended from Jefferson. Would like to contact others.
  • John Madison Kenney - May 24 '99
    Rochelle Kenney rochelle@c-con.net
    John Madison Kenney was my gg-grandfather. He was married to Rebecca Estelle Sojurner. I know of their three children...John, Cornelia, and Oscar. Oscar Eugene Kenney and Josephine Armstrong had 12 children, including my grandfather, Ernest Thomas Kenney. I am unsure of many dates but if any of these names look familiar to you, please contact me. Also, as far as I know, most of these people were from the South. Rochelle
  • More Kenneys - March 02 '99
    Lonna Cosmano lonna@ix.netcom.com
    Hi - my mothers family are Kenney's that settled in Western New Yor via Connecticut. Any one out there related to Theodore Kenney, whose children include Theodore Jr, Jeremiah, and others.
  • James Vincent Kenney - January 24 '99
    Robin Kenney drmsmith@direct.ca
    I am looking for more information about my ggreat–grandfather’s siblings and parents. My ggrand-father, James Vincent Kenney was born in county Westmeath, Ireland, in 1829. He sailed for the US with his father (name unknown) and his 3 older brothers (one named John) in 1846. They landed in NY May 15th 1846. He traveled around the east coast and mid-west with his father and brother John. They entered a land claim in Iowa Township and I am told this place has since been known as Kenney Grove. After James’ father died the brothers moved to New Haven, Conn. where they learned the carpenter trade. James married Lydia Catherine Dunn in 1860 and they settled in Williamsburg Iowa, to raise their 9 children: Bernard(Lydia child from 1st marriage), John H., Elizabeth Catherine, Ann F., Mary Margaret, Julia Mary, Magdalen B., James Vincent II, and Michael Leo (my grandfather). James Vincent died in 1912 in Williamsburg. If any of this sound familiar please contact me.
  • Owen Kenney - December 27 '98
    Nancy Roney Rempt@webtv.net
    Looking for any word of Russell Kenney who lived in Denver, Colorado. His father was a dr. who came from Lynn, MA. His grandparents were Owen & Mary Kenney. Owen was born in 1840 or abouts in Bradford, England and came to Lowell, MA about 1850. His father also known as Owen and born about 1805 came from Ireland.
    • Owen Kenney - December 29 '98
      Mark Kenney Kenney_Mark/SPUGET@ctc.ctc.edu
      Just on the possibility that there's an Irish name connection, my father Edward John Kenney's brother was named Owen Kenney. b. 1918 There was a Mary Kenney from my family side (who would have been their great aunt) who came to Denver in the late 1800's from the Boston MA area. I'd love to hear from you regarding your Kenney's. Unfortunately, I can't help you with Russell, though the Owen first name and the Denver connection seem pretty intriguing for a parallel family tie.
      Mark Kenney (0)
  • Joseph Kenney - October 11 '98
    Rita Mae Beckley beckwyle@smartt.com
    Looking for information on Joseph Kenney, his brother John P. Kenney, or their sister Alice Kenney. Regions lived in Buffalo, Oswego, and Canada (Kingston?) These three lost their mother and possibly their father in their youth in 1890. Joseph Kenney married Julia Duggan from Oswego.Alice's married name may be Kennedey.
    Sue Hawes sue.hawes@hamptons.com
    Looking for the parents of Ellen Kenney who was b. in 1847 Canada. Family lore said that she was in the Quebec fire. Her father's name is either Michael or Patrick. She m. Joseph DesRoche.
  • testing services - September 29 '98
    Jeff Cormier jcorm@testman.com
    Please allow me to introduce TESTLAB. We are a small company located in Woburn, MA. Testlab performs environmental and electrical testing of electronic components. We work with NASA, Boeing, The Kennedy Space Center, and Allied Signal, to name just a few of our customers. We also do programming, tinning, failure analysis, and tape and reel. If you ever need to source these services for a customer, Please keep us in mind.
    Thank You
    Jeff Cormier Sales Representative
    ps go sox!
  • Searching for Simon Kenney (Walton) - September 09 '98
    Mark Kenney Kenney_Mark/SPUGET@ctc.ctc.edu
    My father Edward John Kenney died in 1994. I've been trying to trace back his roots. His father was Michael Kenney, married to Estelle Kenney(Vollack). They lived in Casper, Wyoming, having come from Indiana. Michael's father was Simon Kenney (one of two brothers) of Boston, who enlisted in the Civil War underage, changing his name to Walton. Simon was a gambler (he was killed, cheating in a game) and an engineer on the Wabash Cannonball. The family came from the Galway area of Ireland in the mid 1800's. Any help tracing this line would be appreciated.
  • John Francis William Michael Patrick Kenney - August 27 '98
    Patricia Ann (Kenney) Rials mrials@gate.net
    I am trying to find infor. on my DAD. He was born on P. Street, South Boston on July 12,1915. His dad was William Francis Kenney and his mom was Margaret (Fitzgerald) Kenney. Both of his parents are from Irland. Thanks Pat.
    • Kenney - November 05 '98
      Michael Patrick Kenney opm4life@aol.com
      My name is Michael Patrick Kenney. I was born in Medford Mass in 1973. My mothers maiden name is Byrne. My fathers parents names are both Kenney. But my gradmothers name is Kenny without the e. My great grand parents are from Ireland.
      I saw the Name Michael P. Kenney posted. How old is he? Where is he from?
      Thanks (0)
  • Heman & Nathanial Kenney - August 08 '98
    Kim Kenney Kimeloo@aol.com
    I'm looking for any interesting little quips about my dad's ancestors from Eastham MA. They moved to great Barrington NS -pre loyalist. i've rec'd a couple of stories re Heman hiding americans during war. Any other stories are most welcome. KIM in NH
    • D.A.R. eligibility - December 01 '98
      Kim Kenney
      Because Heman defended America from the French, as a tavern owner in Barrington NS, I understand we have DAR eligability. I also underastand I have admisssion to Mayflower society thanks to Stephen Hopkins.Any data would be appreciated. (0)
  • looking for info - August 04 '98
    Jason D. Kenney kk120697@aol.com
    I,m looking for information on a Michael Patric Kenney Lived in Montana around 1946 Sheridan Wyo. around 1948 Casper Wyo. around 1950 last known to be somewhere in Iowa
    • Mary Kenney - October 06 '98
      Jim Kenney
      In response to Mark Kenney's question about a Mary Kenney: I don't think his Mary is my Mary. My Mary is my grandmother. She lived approx from 1885 to 1970. She grew up in the Boston area, moved several times around the eastern U.S. with her husband Roger, including Pittsburg but eventually spent the last years of her life back in the Boston (Quincy) area. She never lived in Denver. Her maiden name was Duggan. Jim Kenney, cousin of site manager Dave Kenney (0)
    • re: Michael Kenney Connection - September 17 '98
      Mark Kenney Kenney_Mark/SPUGET@ctc.ctc.edu
      The Michael Kenney I am seeking information on lived 1886-1926 in Veedersburg, Indiana and in Casper Wyoming. Probably not the Michael Kenney Jason is referring to. My uncle Owen Kenney (Dad's brother) had nine kids, one of whom was Michael Kenney. I had thought he was in southern California, but I don't know for sure.
      In reponse to Jim Kenney regarding the 100 living descendents of Mary Kenney. My great grandfather Michael Kenney's aunt was Mary Kenney from around Boston, MASS. This Mary came out to Denver Colorado, where she bought property and opened some gold mines. Is there still a possibility of a connection here? (0)
    • above - September 17 '98
      email got returned to me, maybe Jason will look at this site again. (0)
    • Michael Kenney connection - September 14 '98
      Jim Kenney spoken4@erols.com
      I sent an email to this Jason Kenney about the Mark Kenney entry from sept 98. It sounds like Mark knows about the same Michael Kenney from Casper. (0)
  • relatives - August 03 '98
    Jason D. Kenney
    As far back on the Kenney side of my family I only know my father, Richard Wayne Kenney. He grew up in Wyoming but I do not know his birthplace. As for my grandparents, I have never heard anything about my grandfather Kenney. If anyone knows any information about any Kenney's in the wyoming area or Richard Wayne Kenney, It would be most helpfull to me.
  • All these Kenney's! - August 02 '98
    Erin Kenney
    This is quite strange seeing all these Kenney's. All throughout school I had teachers and other adults call me Kennedy (!) or respell my name with i's and missing letters...I didn't think so many Kenney's were out there. This is so great!
    • Missspellling Kenney - April 01 '99
      Greg Kenney gregk@hevanet.com
      Boy is that the truth! What's so hard about spelling our last name! With my first name of Greg, I get called George Kennedy, Craig Kinney, Kinny, Kenny, etc. My Kenney family, originally comes from County Cork. They settled in the Bellingham/Olympic peninsula area way back in the 1830's or so. Great Grandfather was Elmer Kenney Great Granmother was Anna? (Cleveland) direct relation to President Cleveland. Grandfather was Thomas, Grandmother is Essie (Schofield). Essie has done tons of work on the family tree, especially Schofield unfortunately. But still has done much on the Kenney side. As a side note, on my Granmother's side, she has documentation of her Great Great Great Grandmother being burned at the stake in Ma during the witch trials of the late 1600's. Pretty fasinating stuff when you look into the witch thing. Mostly political, petty, jelous, ignorant reasons for people being hounded, oh not too much different from today's society lol Greg Kenney Portland Or (0)
    • another Keney - February 15 '99
      John Eric Kenney jkenney@carleycorp.com
      People just want to naturally add the "d" into the name.... JFK is a tough act to follow....
    • Now that you mention it - August 09 '98
      Dave dak @ dave kenney . com
      I can relate to Kenney not Kenny or Kinny or Kennedy... (0)
  • missing half brother - Michael, Wayne or Larry Kenney - July 31 '98
    Robin Kenney drmsmith@direct.ca
    I am looking for a half brother, whom I have never met. He was born around 1954-55 place of birth unknown, but he was raised in Idaho. His mother's name was Jeannie. She worked as a telephone operator in Boise Idaho before his birth. His father was named Michael Leo Kenney from Salt Lake City, Utah. My half brother may have gone to SLC to find our father in 1979. He worked for Utah Lead Co. in SLC at that time My sister, brother and I do not want to intrude on his life, but wish to give him a fuller picture of his father.
    If any of this sounds familiar please contact me. Thanks.
  • Hi - July 22 '98
    David John Kenney davekenney@aol.com
    Hi, I just stumbled upon this web site, and I was impressed. If I'm ever looking to hire someone with the skills listed on the resume, I'll be sure to keep the web page administrator in mind!
    BTW, since there's been discussions on how we all might be related, my father's family changed its last name to "Kenney" around 1945, and is of Polish and German ancestry. At the time, they lived in Cleveland, OH. However, most of my "Kenney" relatives now live in Florida.
    (Another) David Kenney davekenney@aol.com Columbus, OH
  • Kenney Family - July 10 '98
    Patricia Kenney Esposito resposit@dist214.k12.il.us
    I have recently been tracing my Kenney family ancestors. They came to the U.S. about 1850 - from Galway Co. Ireland. According to census records they were living in Manhattan N.Y.1860 - 1890's. Their specific names are as follows:
    Jeremiah Kenney b. Galway C. 1818 Mary or Bridget b. Galway C. 1820 Michael Kenney b. Galway 1845 Edward A. B. Galway 1847 d. Chicago 1912 Mary Kenney b. New York 1859 John Kenney b. New York 1861 Bridget Kenney b. N. Y. 1867
    My Great grandfather Edward Kenney was a Catholic Priest- he attended LaGrande seminary in Canada - class of 1878-79. He was pastor of St. Peters and St. St. Mary' in Dubuque Iowa. He left the church and appeared in Elgin Ill.1886. Later, he married Hattie Bouck (Elgin,Il.) and they had 7 boys. Hattie was not Catholic - consequently, both Kenney's and Bouck's disowned the couple. I would sincerely appreciate any information about this family.
    Patricia Kenney Esposito
    • Kenney Family Tree - January 05 '99
      Debbie Henry dhenry@uaex.edu
      My great-great-grandfather was Bill Kenney who immigrated to London, England around 1850. He was born in Mullingar, Ireland which is in Westmeath County, I believe. We don't know anything further about him and would love to know more about him. My great-grandmother's name (his daughter) was Rose Hannah Kenney.
      Debbie Henry North Little Rock, AR dhenry@uaex.edu (0)
    • very interesting, can Paul comment on NYC Kenney's? - July 21 '98
      Jim Kenney spoken4@erols.com
      I doubt that they are related to those of us related to Dave Kenney, manager of this web site. Origins of our U.S. roots pretty much centered around Boston. But we do seem to share the Galway Co. connection. Perhaps one of our elderly relatives, Paul Kenney, who reads this web site might recognize some of those names or be able to comment on whether any Kenney relatives from his father's generation lived in Manhatten? I'll check with my dad Edward as well. I don't have any geneology experience and our family has few pre-immigration details. Patricia, how did you get the birthdates for your Kenney's born in Ireland? Thanks, Jim (0)
  • Do you know a Sean Kenney? - June 16 '98
    Sylvia August isatech@yesic.com
    About 12 years ago I had a friend named Sean Kenney who lived in New York and was studying to be a Franciscan Priest. I live in Toronto and lost contact with him after his last visit. Sean would be about 38 years old right now and is probably a priest. I am curious to find out if you know him and how he's doing. Thanks.
    • rev. Sean w. Kenney - May 20 '99
      Sean M. Kenney sean@seanknney.com
      My name is Sean Kenney, but I'm not the one you're looking for. I do know of a Reverend Sean W. Kenney who lives just outside NY, in Woodbridge NJ... he lives two towns away from me) so I have seen his name in the phone book and on sites like www.anywho.com. How many Rev. Sean Kenney's can there be? I can only assume this is him. This is his phone number: 732-636-6269.


    • Sean Kenney - June 30 '98
      Jim Kenney spoken4@erols.com
      We have a Sean Kenney in our family and he's about that age, but I don't think he's your Sean. He's my first cousin. He's a married man with several children and grew up in Chicago area and now lives in Southern California. I don't think he ever studied for priesthood in New York either. Sean, if you see this pipe up. Jim (0)
  • Kenneys of Pennsylvania - June 11 '98
    Johneen Kenney johneenk@aol.com
    My grandfather, Edward John Kenney, was from the Philadelphia area. He past away in October of 1997, and I am wondering about my heritage. My grandfather was in the navy and was about 73 when he died. He had lived in Gulfport, Mississippi for approximately the past 50 years. If you have any info, please e-mail me. Thanks for your help.
    • Pennasylvania Kenneys - November 23 '98
      Paul Kenney ypfe16a@prodigy.com
      What a great web site... All these Kenneys!! My branch of the Kenney family tree is in Philadelphia. My gggf (John) arrived in Phila in 1850 from somewhere in Ireland. (0)
    • Edward John Kenney - June 30 '98
      Jim Kenney spoken4@erols.com
      You've tapped into a web site pertaining to about 100 living, directly related Kenney's. We are all descended from a Roger and Mary Kenney of Quincy Mass. who were born in Mass about 40-50 years before your grandfather (approx 1880). I'm pretty sure we're not related. None of us lived in the Philly area back in the 20's and none of us lived in Gulfport during 20th century. Jim Kenney (0)
  • Do you know this Kenney family? - May 20 '98
    Aleigh Kenney aleighk@hotmail.com
    Hello! I am looking for relatives of the John Richardson Kenney family. He was married to Alice Power Kenney. They lived in Evanston and around the northside of Chicago., Il. They also spend a great deal of time in British Colombia at a mine. They had two children: a boy, John Richardson and a girl, Muriel. My father believes the Kenney name to be Scotch-Irish. Can anyone confirm this? Can anyone trace back the family name to a city? I am John and Alice's granddaughter and I never knew them. I would love to find any relatives! Anyone? Please e-mail me. Thanks!
    • Kenney family Evanston? - July 10 '98
      Patricia Kenney Esposito resposit@dist214.k12.il.us
      Not sure if this information can help you - I read an article about Evanston Kenney's. According to the article J. H. Kenney was a builder. He came to Chicago in 1848 and built many of the finest residences in Evanston. He went to California in 1875 - and returned to Evanston in 1880. He was married to Catherine Kearney and they had four children - Mamie, Nellie, James and George.
      Patricia Kenney Esposito (0)
    • Evanston Kenney's - June 30 '98
      Jim Kenney spoken4@erols.com
      Don't believe we know or are related to the Evanston Kenney's. We're originally from Mass. Our Kenney descendents came from County Galway on the west coast of Ireland, opposite Dublin back in the mid 1800's. Good luck, Jim (0)
  • Can Anyone Help? - January 14 '98
    Marilyn marilyn@rehost.com
    I'm looking for a woman by the name of Frances Kenney. Kenney is her maiden name. She lived in the Oakland, California area in 1945 and was about 24 years old at that time.
    Within your family do you have an elderly female by the name of Frances who lived in or around Oakland during 1945. She is probably married now and has a different last name.
    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    • Pat McCarthy Frank's sister - January 28 '98
      Frances Kenney coawhitman@compuserve.com
      We have no such relative, sorry, good luck with your search. Frank was named after our mother's brother Francis Wenzler(2)
      • Kenney family Evanston? - July 10 '98
        Patricia Kenney Esposito resposit@dist214.k12.il.us
        Not sure if this information can help you - I read an article about Evanston Kenney's. According to the article J. H. Kenney was a builder. He came to Chicago in 1848 and built many of the finest residences in Evanston. He went to California in 1875 - and returned to Evanston in 1880. He was married to Catherine Kearney and they had four children - Mamie, Nellie, James and George.
        Patricia Kenney Esposito (0)
      • Evanston Kenney's - June 30 '98
        Jim Kenney spoken4@erols.com
        Don't believe we know or are related to the Evanston Kenney's. We're originally from Mass. Our Kenney descendents came from County Galway on the west coast of Ireland, opposite Dublin back in the mid 1800's. Good luck, Jim (0)
  • Are We Related ? - November 01 '97
    Dave Kenney dak @ dave kenney . com
    If your wondering if we are related, I'm not much of an expert on our family tree, but maybe someone in our family may see your comments and have an answer. So feel free to leave a comment (click on post-a-followup below).
    • Donald Farrell Kenney - November 02 '97
      Stephen M. Kenney stevek@mtnhome.com
      Saw your web page and thought I'd drop you this line. I was just curious to see if we were related. I lost contact with my dad's side of the family many years ago. His name was Donald Farrell Kenney but everyone called him "Danny". He grew up in Clinton, Iowa. As far as I know he had two brothers one named Jerry ( I think ) and the other one was Pat. I believe Pat (and his wife Anne) are living in Rapid City, SD. If you find we're connected somehow drop me a line and let me know. Thanks, Steve Kenney Mountain Home, Arkansas(0)