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Hi, I'm Dave Kenney, this sites host, this is our Kenney chat page, where we post our family news. Also check out our guest book if your looking for a lost Kenney or other news from unrelated guests.

  • Phil Kenney - April 24 '103
    Eric J McCarthy emccarthy9@comcast.net
    Philip Joseph Kenney August 23, 1921 - April 20, 2003 Papa, Thank you for captivating me with your every word. I will love you forever. Eric "Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean" David Searls
    • Uncle Phil - June 27 '103
      Jim Kenney jamesjkenney@netzero.com
      Everyone says that he choose Easter Sunday to move on because it was the absolute best day for a resurrection. God Bless, from cousin Jim in Va. (0)
  • KENTUCKY KENNEYS ? - June 16 '102
    PATRICK SHAWN KENNEY pardrickenney@juno.com
    start of a new web page on www.familytreemaker.com
  • KENTUCKY KENNEYS ? - May 25 '102
    PATRICK SHAWN KENNEY pardrickenney@juno.com
  • KENTUCKY KENNEYS ? - May 25 '102
    PATRICK SHAWN KENNEY pardrickenney@juno.com

  • i'm a Kenney... - October 19 '101
    Brian Kenney gobertville@hotmail.com
    howdy, My bro's name is Dave....to cool. I'm from SK. Canada.
  • Any Kenney's from the early 1800's? - July 15 '101
    Julie Kenney - Barthel bugjuice@hotmail.com
    I've had a very hard time trying to find anymore information about my Kenney family. I can only go back as far as a Albert Gillespie Kenney, my ggggrandfather.Albert married Susannah(Susan) Bussard I believe in 1827 in Frederick Co., MD. They had 10 kids : Eliza, Joseph L., Susan, Sophia Jane,Louisa, Mary Ellen, George Washington Kenney, John Peter, Sarah Catherine (Kate) and Alavander. I have the listing of all their children and spouses. My family comes down from Joseph L. Kenney who married Susan Rhoten and had 3 children. We have letters from Joseph to Susan when he, George W. and Susan's brother Thomas Rhoten went west from Iowa to find a future. It ended with Joseph and Thomas being killed by the Sioux indians along the Yellowstone river. George had stayed in the Montana Territory mining gold. Joseph's kid were Louisa C. who married Chris Jensen and did not have any children., Ella Kay who did not marry and Gilford Clifton Kenney. Gilford married Bertha Viola Bauhard and had one son, my grandfather George Franklin (Franklin) Kenney. Franklin married Ruth Madora Beach and had 10 kids which my dad is one of. I would like to know of anybody that falls along this line of Kenney's and would know of Albert's Parents or Grandparents. If I had any leads it may be possible to see exactly when our line came from over seas and where they had lived.
  • Did not know there were so many Kenney's - March 01 '101
    Thelma Kenney Hutcheson hutchesontk@appstate.edu
    I am a descendant of William L. Kenney / Catherine Center Kenney of McDonald County Missouri. Anybody else out there from that part of the country?
  • chat - November 17 '100
  • "new" Kenney from So.Cal - September 18 '100
    Miles D. Kenney Ph.D. m.d.kenney@worldnet.att.net
    Hey, just found this web page on the Kenney family name and thought I would say hello to the other Kenney's out there. I live in San Diego, and am a geologist working on fault hazards in the region and I teach at San Diego State University. My father is Dr. David Kenney, and he lives in Colorado. I have a bother Shane Kenney in the bay area, and sister Gwen Kenney (now Gwen Sanders as of last Monday) and she lives in Long Beach, CA. My fathers side came from the Illinois and Ohio region and we have many family ties to that area prior to the 1960's when my grandfathers family moved to San Diego. We also have the "Wells" family in the Illinois and Ohio region. Take care...and Hello....Miles
    • i'm a kenney too! - October 03 '100
      matthew john kenney fentiger@postmaster.co.uk
      Just found this site, i am the eldest son of the kenney family, we live in the fens of east anglia in england, my father is colin kenney, our family name is originally from somersetshire in south west england, and our name was changed several genarations back from kenny to kenney, however our origianl name was kenney, confusing huh, anyway id love to hear from anyother kenney members from anywhere cheerio (0)
  • New Messages - August 22 '100
    Dave dak @davekenney.com
    Our new messages are being posted to out site at www.MyFamily.com.
  • Hello - November 22 '99
    Kathy Kenney kathyken@netzero.net
    I'm sure we are probably not related but, I was intrigued by your website. My husband is also a "Dave Kenney". He was born Matthew David Kenney to Margaret and Matthew Kenney in Dorchester, Massachusetts. His grandfather was also from Ireland. He has one sibling, Margaret Kenney a mathematics professor at Boston College. Would be interesting if we were extended family.
  • Kenney history - September 19 '99
    Kathleen Kenney kkenney@bellatlantic.net
    I was pleasantly surprised to find this site. I'm proud to be a Kenney. My grandfather was Joseph Charles Kenney -- a famous judge in NYC. He married Regina Murray Hulbert and they were featured on the cover of the NYTimes way back when. My grandfather's father came from Ireland and I still have his letter to one of his landlords from when he arrived in NYC. He was refusing to pay the half-penny rent if the light was not fixed outside the apartment. This was an eight room apartment on the West Side of NYC. My father still remembers it. The Kenney family also owned plantations in Cuba until Fidel Castro forced them to abandon their property. I'd love to know more about my family. I've been to Ireland twice and learned quite a bit but there's so much more to know. Please feel free to send me questions and I'd love to get my father in on this discussion because he's been putting together the family tree. Someone mentioned Kingston, NY in their message and I have photos of L.M. Kenney's General Store. This was one of my great-uncles and the man my father was named after.
    • Kenney Family - July 18 '101
      John Burgess jrburgess@home.com
      Hi: I am a descendant of Mary Deborah Kenney of Nova Scotia, Canada, who married Thomas Kenney of England in 1887. The first Kenneys to arrive in NS were Heman, his brother, Nathan, and sister Miriam, in 1761. They came from the Cape Cod area of MA. We believe that they are descended from John Kenney, who came to MA from England. He bought a house in what is now Braintree, MA in 1671, and that is the earliest record of his being in N America. His wife was named Susannah (or Hannah). They had 9 children: John (who died an infant), Moses, John (who survived),Hannah,David,Jonathan,Samuel,Nathaniel, and Elizabeth. Nathaniel lived from abt 1684/85 to 1749 and married Elizabeth Mortimer. They had 7 children: Edward (who died in infancy),Edward (who survived),Joseph, Robert, Elizabeth,Benjamin, and Nathan. Nathan lived from 1709-1754 and married 3 times. One wife was Mercy Smith. Together, they had 7 children: Heman,Nathan,Sarah, Miriam,John,Jesse, and Elizabeth. Heman lived from 1732-1775 and married Mercy Nickerson. He and his brother, Nathan, his sister, Miriam, and their spouses moved to Nova Scotia in 1761 when they were offered grants of land from the British gov't of NS. In Mass, the family lived in the Cape Cod area. Their names have turned up in Eastham, Chatham, Barnstable, and Harwich. I would love to trace the descendants of this family in Mass and elsewhere to broaden the size of my "tree". If any of the above names are familiar, would you please contact me at the email address above? Thanks. (0)
    • Kenney - September 16 '100
      Sandy Walters slwartsx@hotcoco.infi.net
      I am related to a Kenney. My maternal grandfather Erle Arthur Kenney. He was the son of Theodore Francis Kenney. I can get no farther than that. Theodore was supposedly born in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada. Can any one help me? There was a rumor that the family name had been changed to Kenney from York due to some dastardly deed? Any help appreciated. Sandy (0)
    • Kenney - September 16 '100
      Sandy Walters slwartsx@hotcoco.infi.net
      I am related to a Kenney. My maternal Erle Arthur Kenney. He was the son of Theodore Francis Kenney. I can get no farther than that. Theodore was supposedly born in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada. Can any one help me? There was a rumor that the family name had been changed to Kenney from York due to some dastardly deed? Any help appreciated. Sandy (0)
  • CHIT CHAT - March 09 '99
    Dave, I like your new website update, it keeps getting better and better. I had one friend inquire about how much it would cost to have you set up a fairly no-frills website for him. It would serve has some kind of clearing house for college sports recruiting info. Do you do that sort of thing? I went on a New England skiing smorgasbord in mid Feb, 2 days Sugarbush, 1 day Killington, 1 day Whiteface NY. Kind of a lean year for snow in the east (unlike the west), but it was nice to see Sugarbush, never been there before. They have a special high speed quad that connects Sugarbush with Sugarbush North (formerly Glen Ellen ski area). That quad chair must go 25mph and is about 2 miles long, by far the fastest lift I've ever been on, but wouldn't want to be on it during a breakdown. It goes over a nat'l wilderness area with no roads between the two ski areas and it would be a bear to evacuate. I'm heavily into looking to move from my home about an hour south of D.C. to one in a nearby suburb, possibly close to my parents in McLean, Va. Hope to get that done by the end of this summer. All is well with my extended family. My brother John and his girlfriend Alice had a baby son. Drawing from the memorable family reunion of '97 at Duck, they named him Roger! He's a real sweet guy. Sister Chris (Kenney) Howe hopes to finalize adoption of her two "star" foster children by Nov '99. Jim K. of Va.
  • 1999 Reunion - January 15 '99
    Pat Kenney McCarthy coawhitman@compuserve.com
    I haven't checked the page in a while, I'm sorry to say. I love the idea of a 1999 Family Reunion. I actually love the idea of the West Coast in that it would be a new trip for me. Though I've never been to Colorado either so they both sound like fun. I will make sure the family knows and get back with concensus. I also just noticed the message re: Chris's children being on TV, I'm sorry I had not seen it on time. I hope all went well and it sure would be fun to have Kenney Stars (though many of us Kenney's considered ourselves stars of sorts. Love, Pat
  • Kenneys on TV - December 23 '98
    chris kenney howe Ned's daughter LCRRFAM@aol.com
    In case anyone is free to watch a little TV. On Dec 24th at 9:30 am eastern on the FOXFAM Channel our kids,Rick and Rochelle will be singing and dancing on a new childrens show. The TV guide will have it listed as the 700 Club but the first half hour is supposed to be a pilot show called The Knock Knock Show. Rick will be wearing a goofy yellow robin hood hat with a big blue feather and rochelle will be the dark haired girl with the pink polka dotted scarf tied on her head. They will be in a group of about 8 other kids. If the show is successful perhaps we will have a couple of stars born. Hope you can watch. Merry Christmas!! Love chris Louie Rick and Rochelle in Norfolk, Va.
  • Kenney Reunion 1999 - October 28 '98
    Dave dak @ dave kenney . com
    Anyone interested in a Kenney Reunion 1999 ?
    • family reunion '99 - December 14 '98
      Paula Kenney Hewitson phewitson@home.com
      Gosh, I haven't contributed to our family chat page since shortly after the '97 reunion! My family and I in California would love to be included in a '99 reunion. Any chance our east coast Kenneys could join us out here in the West? We live in the San Francisco Bay area and as beautiful and interesting as it is here, I think the best setting for a reunion is at a wonderful (swimming) beach.We really don't have those here in northern Cal. so the Hewitsons would be amenable to coming south. We'd probably drive the 6-8 hrs to the beach area. Bill Kenney and two of his kids (Sean and Kate) are in the Huntington Beach area. I'd like to propose that area. Or if the local Kenneys want something different, there are some other lovely beach areas not too far distant from their homesteads. One of my daughters and I visited Catalina Island ("22 miles across the sea...") at the end of last summer and fell in love with it. Laguna Beach is also terrific.

      For the east coasters, the airfare shouldn't be a major obstacle if you shop early. And there're always the charter flights that can be obtained for under $300 RT. Coast-to-coast flights are always a good deal. And Boston/LA is a highly competitive route which keeps the fares affordable. I'll be glad to put my head together with Bill and Anne and research a spot. Let me know! Love to all-Paula (0)

    • Suggestions - November 10 '98
      I thought if we were going to have a reunion we should set a rough date real early so that some don't have conflicting plans or resources. I'm was thinking in the summer, but lets hear some suggestions. (0)
    • Reunion 99 - November 05 '98
      Bill Kenney billkenney@aol.com
      Brian,Kate,Justin and Steve Kenney and families spent a week at Teluride, Colorado at the Annual Bluegrass Festival. They all raved about the experience. They rented a big lodge for all to stay. It's a long way for most family members, but if you want to learn more contact Brian Kenney at: bijoucreek@aol.com. (0)
    • Get Togethers - November 04 '98
      Jim Kenney of Va. spoken4@erols.com
      What did you have in mind? Are some of the Grandpa's meeting in Calif. in Jan 1999? FYI, it looks like I'll be skiing for a few days around GW Birthday weekend (Feb 99) probably at Sugarbush, VT. This time just with a couple of ski buddies and not my wife and kids. Let me know if anyone wants to rendevous with me, I haven't locked into any arrangements yet and probably won't until a few weeks before. Jim (0)
  • guest book action - August 09 '98
    jim kenney spoken4@erols.com
    for those (roger & mary Kenney's) of you who haven't checked out dave's guest book section in a while, there is some pretty interesting quieries on kenney ancestry. Jim
    • Kenney Family - December 12 '98
      Jonathan DeHays Kenneys j_man@mindspring.com
      I am just beginning my research of the Kenney family. My aunt tells me that our family comes from Northern Ohio. My father's name is Richard Titlon Kenney, his father is James Cavanagh Kenney, his father was Charles S. Kenney. That's as far back as we have researched. Do you know where our name originated from before the 1820's? (0)
  • Fr. Heffernan - July 03 '98
    Jim Kenney spoken4@erols.com
    My dad (Ned) met an interesting priest while he was at Bethesda Naval Hospital this week for his pacemaker. The priest was a Jesuit who taught at Gonzaga H.S. in D.C. and liked to visit patients as part of his ministry. My dad said he was an interesting conversationalist and very erudite and he seemed to have a real affinity for the Navy personnel at the hospital. He was tall and white haired and in his 60's. My dad had several nice talks and walks with him. It turned out his name was Fr. Heffernan and he is a (first?) cousin of Ann (Hyatt?) Kenney of Jacksonville. My dad said there was some family resemblance. He grew up in Indiana near Ann and was the son of a Navy Admiral. My dad mentioned that he went to a cocktail and dinner party at Adm Heffernan's house about 40 or 50 years ago and he reminisced with Fr. Heffernan about the Admiral's love of recreational gambling, especially with a roulette wheel (for small time money like the poker we played at Duck). Ann, my dad would like to know what you can tell us about this Fr. Heffernan. Also, on Fr. Heffernan's recommendation, my dad wants to see a copy of your poem on onions. If you post it on this chat page or send me an email I'll pass it on to my dad. By the way, Ned says he feels like a million and is very upbeat about his new bionic part. I found out not all pacemakers do the same thing, they are sort of customized for specific problems. My dad's sends jolts to the ventricle area of his heart. Take Care, Jim
    • duck - July 04 '98
      Fr. Heffernan also new about our family reunion last aug at Duck N.C. and talked to my dad about it. (0)
  • Ned's Pacemaker - July 02 '98
    Jim Kenney spoken4@erols.com (h); kenney.jim@ipo.hq.navy.mil (w)
    My Dad got a pacemaker today. He's doing fine and if all goes well, he should be going home from hospital tomorrow. Uncle Paul's already a veteran in this department, so now we have two in the family. Thanks for the interest. Jim
  • Hello to Family - May 05 '98
    Pat McCarthy-Phil's Daughter coawhitman@compuserve.com
    I just wanted to say a Generic Hello! I check the Chat Page regularly and enjoy seeing new info. My Dad and I flew to Buffalo last Saturday to visit with my cousin Gail. Gail was my Aunt Peggy's daughter. She has MS and has been confined to a Nursing Home since the age of 30, she is now 52. I had not seen her since I was a kid. My father and mother used to visit her regularly, but Dad had not seen her since my mother's death. We left Logan at 9AM and returned at 9PM, it was quite a day. My father handled it better than me. I hope all are well, thanks David!Patty
  • I found collective email function. - May 01 '98
    Jim Kenney spoken4@erols.com
    Above address is our home one. As I fished around Dave's redesigned web site I also checked out Paula's family page and looked at her photos of Apr '98 trip to Europe. Looks fun. Was that Cathedral of Nortre Dame in background of one shot? By the way, my 22 year old nephew Aaron Kenney (son of Ed, grandson of Ned) is a junior at UCLA and has the following email address: chewy@ucla.edu If you want to reach him or his family give it a shot. He wants to be an archeologist and is currently into anthropology, paleontology, African literature and culture big time. Anybody in Kenney family speak Swahili or Hausu? He must learn one.
  • is the chat page back in action? - April 29 '98
    jim kenney spoken4@erols.com
    test. dave, do you still have the function of sending email to the collective kenney address list?
    • WOW! this is great, instant posting - April 29 '98
      jim kenney kenney.jim@ipo.hq.navy.mil
      Dave, I was using the killington chat page this winter and it operates a lot like yours does now. Jim (0)
  • News from the Phil Kenney's - January 23 '98
    Pat McCarthy, daughter of Phil coawhitman@compuserve.com
    This is my first time on the Internet, I'm a late bloomer!! We are all still feeling the joy of our week together as a family as well as an extended family. It was a first-time exprience for us as siblings and parent to spend a week together under one roof. Living so close together the occasion had not presented itself before. We have become closer, it was a wonderful experience. We all look forward to doing it again. My Dad has had a few bumps in the road with his health but his spirit and joy have not been dampened. We are all well and healthy, kids all back to school. Michael, my youngest brother's daughter Maura god engaged this past Christmas. With the youngsters in our family all reaching adulthood there will more of that to come. I have the only married child in the group and she (Amy) and her husband Mark made us grandparents on Sept. 12th. Amy is a Social Worker who is presently home with Hannah Patricia. They are such loving parents it gives us a moment to feel some success and Hannah is the most glorious little girl in the world. Eric our 23yr old has moved back home to finish his last year of college. He took a year off to live in LasVegas. He had a grand time, but time to return to reality. He's a great kid we're happy to have him back. Ryan (18) our baby has just finished his first sememster of college and is having a wonderful time, now we want him to combine fun with study!! He too is a great kid, we describe him as our work in progress! I hope I haven't gone on too long, it's nice to feel connected! Love, Patty
  • skiing - October 30 '97
    Jim Kenney kenney.jim@ipo.hq.navy.mil
    I am in the very early stages of considering a GW birthday weekend blitz ski trip to Killington. There is a relatively low budget motel near the base of the Northeast Passage triple chair lift that I might stay at. I know this will probably be a crowded weekend, but it's a good time for me and my kids to drive up and get in a couple of days skiing.. Would any Kenney's, particularly eastern Kenney's, be interested in a February rendevous at Killington? Let me know through email or phone.
  • Photos - September 23 '97
    Bill Kenney billkenney@aol.com
    There were lot of photos taken during the reunion. How can we get these displayed so that everyone can view them? I have seen some on Dave's and Paula's home pages. I also have seen many taken by Chris Kenney, Kate Helm and Steve Kenney. Many of these are great and I'm sure others have great shots. Also when I got back home I found a lot of old photos going back to the early 30's including pictures of Phil in New Guinea and Paul and Roger etc. Dave, I don't have a scanner to put any on the WEB. Any suggestions? We have mailed a few but would like to see all the others.
    • photos - September 25 '97
      jim kenney kenney.jim@ipo.hq.navy.mil
      Bill, if you haven't heard of a better way from dave already, here's a few ideas from an admitted novice at all this: - send the negatives of the new photos to a place like seattle filmworks, for a fee they'll put them on the net for you. they also send you "photos on a disk" for long term safekeeping and image manipulation, and access to a free personal homepage building capability. one of my prior msgs gives their homepage. if you sent them the prints they could probably copy them and put them on the net too, but i'm not sure if i'd trust sending the 1930's prints in the mail for them to copy. - i believe Dave made an offer earlier to scan prints for display on the net if people sent them to him in the mail. i think Paula can do this now too. - i would think a lot of local photoshops for a fee could do these same tasks. - don't make a move without checking with the family expert Dave v/r, Jim (0)
  • Friend of Phil's - August 28 '97
    Donna Williams
    Dave - I'm a friend of Phil's. I wanted you to know I enjoyed viewing your page. As you know, Phil currently doesn't have access to the Internet, so I am printing and sending him the information. I'm glad you enjoyed the reunion.
    • donna's email address - September 03 '97
      Donna Williams dmwilliams@bics.bwh.harvard.edu
      Hi Jim. I'm a friend of Phil Jr.'s. We worked together in the past at Quincy Hospital. I will fax a copy of your questions to Phil and ask him to answer your requests either through me or by getting onto the Internet. I don't know the birth orders, but I'm sure Phil does. Well, talk to you soon. DW XO


    • donna's email address - August 29 '97
      jim kenney kenney.jim@ipo.hq.navy.mil
      being the novice that i am at internet usage, i can't tell what donna's email address is from this msg. i'd like to have it to communicate better will phil's portion of the family. donna, are you a friend of phil senior or junior? also, for my family registry project, can you find out the birth order of phil sr's children and confirm if phil sr lives on shellton or shelton? thanks, jim kenney (son of ned) (0)
  • anecdotes - August 25 '97
    jim kenney kenney.jim@ipo.hq.navy.mil
    i have begun to receive feedback on the family registry. i thought i'd give everyone a few weeks to send corrections. and additional info. i hope you all received my email on this subject. when i sense that no more feedback is coming i will put out a revised registry.

    the following is a little reunion anecdote i though you might find interesting.

    as you may know there was some curiosity and questions about our deceased uncle roger kenney at the family history gabfest at uncle jim's beach house on thursday afternoon. afterwards my wife kathy and i went back with my parents to their beach house. there our chatting turned again to the subject roger and his tragic early death. at one point my dad (ned) abruptly got up and left the room. kathy thought he might be getting a little emotionally upset, but he returned momentarily with a small 1" by 1" photo of roger taken at about the age of 18. this picture was over 65 years old. if my dad had ever showed this picture to me before, i couldn't remember. i asked him "where'd that come from?" would you believe he had gone to his bedroom to dig it out of his wallet, where he's carried it for over 40 years, ever since roger died in the early 1950's!

    by the way, i thought roger strongly resembled the teenage daughters (jessica + alyssa) of judy (daughter of phil) and bill cotter. jim

  • family registry - August 12 '97
    jim kenney (son of ned) Kenney.Jim@ipo.hq.navy.mil
    To the kenney clan, this is my first visit to the kenney family chat room! thanks Dave. Do you pay for us to have this forum to play around with?

    Last week was really fascinating. It was great to get reacquainted with all the far flung Kenneys. The whole deal was far more special than a typical beach week type of vacation. My folks (Ned & Agnes) also mentioned that they had a really great time. My dad said he had a hard time sleeping on Thursday night as he reviewed a lifetime of memories stirred by the gabfest that afternoon at uncle Jim's house. Brian, let me know how I can get a copy of the video you made of that session. My three siblings missed that chat and I'm sure they would very much like to see the video.

    I am still learning how Internet mail/chat stuff works, but my plan to compile and disseminate a family registry of the descendants of Roger and Mary kenney should force me to get up to speed quickly. I hope to find the time to email it to you all (via the chat room?) in the next week or so. Actually, I guess sending the info in one email to all the addressees listed in Daves site and any additional ones provided at reunion would probably be the most comprehensive way to get the info out with one stroke of the key. There are sure to be mistakes in the first draft and I'll rely on the help of ya'll to smooth it up for nationwide release. It would appear that each uncle's family has at least one member with internet access. eventually I hope someone from each family will take the lead and forward final paper copies to those children or siblings who don't have access.

    In a related project i also hope to tabulate a family tree type of thing on all our relatives back to the Kenneys/Rogers/Duggans/Crowleys that came over on the boat from Ireland in the 1800's (1875?). So I'm interested in all birthdays, date of deaths, and full name details anyone has about Roger and Mary Kenney and their parents and grandparents.

    I'll be back in touch soon, Jim Kenney (son of Ned)

  • Wrap-Up - August 11 '97
    paula hewitson@aol.com
    What a great reunion! All we expected and MORE! 'Think I'll sum it all up in newsletter format and e-mail it to you.
    • Good times - August 13 '97
      Dave dak @ dave kenney . com
      I too had a great time. Kayaking the surf was awsome. Sean took Chris and I on a rippin half hour island flight. Never meet so many kenneys, the head count from the gampa's was 88, Jim had 30, Bill 20, Ned 16, Phil 15, Paul 7. (0)
    • Whataweek! - August 11 '97
      Justin Kenney (of Bill Anne) jkenney@ocean.nos.noaa.gov
      Kate & gang, Sean & William, Mom, Dad & I all arrived home safely. We met with no traffic leaving the beach and had an easy drive to Dulles Airport.

      I had a great time catching up with--and in many cases meeting--everyone. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in planning this reunion. Now comes the hard parts.....staying in touch and doing it again! Skiing anyone?

      Dave, will you be leaving this page up for awhile? (0)

  • BBQ at Tom Foolery - July 16 '97
    Paul Kenney jkenney182@aol.com
    Dave is inviting all reunioners to a bbq at Tom Foolery consisting of a Pig roast and/or Chicken roast and it is necessary that he pick a day that does not conflict with others plans so that all can attend the bbq. If anyone knows of days that are not suitable please advise. How can Dave determine the order proportion of the main course? Can it be just pork? If not, how can he get the breakdown? How about a show of hands on pork and chicken. Reply ASAP or post a reply in the Chat Page. Paul
    • Official Notice - July 30 '97
      Dave dak @ dave kenney . com
      Hi Everyone,

      Were inviting everyone to da Luau.

      When: Tuesday Aug 5th, 4pm (was Monday, but now I got the catering booked)

      Where: Tom Foolerys

      Dress: Hawaiian Shirt and a swimsuit for the pool.

      Menu: Pork and/or Chicken Beans Hush Puppies (Corn Bread) Cole Slaw Banana Pudding Sweeten and Un-sweeten Tea

      Host: Sandy

      Pork Roaster: I found in the web yp, its a local restaurant named Ron Saul's BBQ who also does catering. Ron first cooks the pigs in his restaurant (required by law), then he comes to our place and roasts it some more while serving it. He will also be frying his southern fried chicken.

      Ron serves the food for 1 hour and a half and guarantees everyone will have as much pork and/or chicken as they want, but then he leaves and takes the food with him. So there wont be any scraps leftover for late comers, so ya gotta be there. You can also feel free to bring any of your own cooking and use our grill or kitchen.

      I not crazy about beans, asked Ron if we could have different side orders, and its not a problem, so if you would prefer something instead of beans, corn bread, banana, send me a suggestion.

      Kenney Grampa's: Please get the word out to those in your family. I'm told a plate count for 100, let me know if that changes.

      Dave (0)

    • pork/chicken - July 20 '97
      Bill Kenney (HB) billkenney@aol.com
      4 chicken and 3 pork for Matt, Anne, Kate, Rachel, Maggie, Justin(Helm)and me. Bill Kenney (0)
    • bbq - July 17 '97
      bill kenney (ohio) soccerkook@aol.com
      you can count us four ohian in for pork. just a guess but i'd say about 3/4 lb. per person, 'cause there's alot of the pig that you don't eat, e.g. head, bones, squealer. so if you have 100 people, i'd say a 75 lb. pig. but what do i know. hopefully whoever you buy the little porker from should be able to tell you approx. how many it will feed. i have the golf outing set up for wednesday the 6th but they are morning tee times so that shouldn't interfere. (0)
    • pork bbq - July 17 '97
      paula hewitson@aol.com
      Sounds great! Count the Hewitsons in for five orders of the pork. (0)
  • in-line skating - June 21 '97
    paula hewitson@aol.com
    Does anyone know if there's a good place for "roller-blading" in Duck? The beaches out here in California are generally bordered by a "strand"- a wide strip of concrete that runs parallel to the beach. Oftentimes, there are two "lanes"- one for pedsestrians and the other for people with wheels- bikes, skates, strollers, etc. If there is a strand or other suitable place for skating, we Hewitsons plan to bring ours.
    • Rollerblading at Duck - July 17 '97
      Paul Kenney jkenney182@aol.com
      Uncle Bill says Kate has info re subject. (0)
  • About Duck - May 30 '97
    Paula Hewitson@aol.com
    Just curious... how was "Duck" selected as the site of the reunion? None of us seems to live anywhere near there. Who has visited there? What did you like about it? I'm not complaining in the least. In fact,I'm delighted to experience someplace new! Paula
    • Why Duck? - July 17 '97
      Paul Kenney jkenney182@aol.com
      I asked Uncle Jim and he said the Duck location came from a consultation on the reunion by Steve,Brian and Matthew. He said Katherine has been there many times but was not sure of her input to the Duck choice. The three collaborators are apparently withholding admission until they see the results of a group opinion poll re Duck. (0)
    • Beach Temperatures - June 24 '97
      Justin Kenney jkenney@ocean.nos.noaa.gov
      check out this web site for the latest on beach temperatures...things look good for North Carolina in August.
      http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/NODC-WNew/wtg.shtml (0)
  • Who's Going - May 31 '97
    Who's going to the Duck reunion?
    • who's going- we are! - June 21 '97
      paula hewitson@aol.com
      Paula (Kenney) Hewitson, husband Louis (goes by "Rusty") and two of their three children: Megan and Katy, both age 14. Recent hs grad, Louis, Jr., has committed to a summer job to help fund college in the fall. The Hewitsons live in suburban San Francisco.
      http://www.davekenney.com/photos/images/hewifam.jpg (0)
    • Family attendance - June 09 '97
      Bill Kenney billkenney@aol.com
      From California: Bill and Anne; Kate Helm and Rachel, Maggie and Justin Helm; Sean Kenney and son William. From Denver: Brian and Linnea Kenney and Colleen, Patrick, Carolyn and Kaitlin From Chicago: Chris and Joy Kenney and Colin and Dustin. From Georgtown D.C.: Justin Kenney From Somewhere: Matthew Kenney (0)
    • Count me in - June 01 '97
      Paul Kenney jkenney182@aol.com
      Does the Reunion officially open Sat the 2nd or Sun the 3rd? (0)
    • make it 4 da luau - May 28 '97
      maggie helm witchwumin@aol.com
      hey long unknown family! i am 11 and seriously looking forward to da bomb reunion!!!! seeeeya there! luv, mags p.s. i make a kickin' fruit salad! i'll make it 4 da luau!!! :0) (0)
    • Tom Foolery's - May 31 '97
      Dave dak @ dave kenney . com
      Where staying at Tom Foolery's. There will be my dad, Paul, my sister Paula (Hewitson) and her husband Rusty, their girls Meg and Katy. We'll have our uncle Jack's girl, Grace. And we will have Sandy with us. Aug 2-9. (0)
  • Golf Scramble - May 28 '97
    Bill, son of Jim, Kenney soccerkook@aol.com
    Hello to all you Ducky Duffers, I'm organizing a golf scramble for the reunion. All interested parties should send their name and average score to me at soccerkook@aol.com. I hope to be able to make foursomes with members from different clans that are still fairly even. That's the reason for the need for your approximate average game. Hopefully we can have prizes for some challenge holes plus top team(s). Please contact anyone in your own clan that might be interested but who doesn't have access to this message. Thanks. More to follow. Bill
    • golf - July 17 '97
      i have reserved 4 tee time for wednesday the 6th at goose point golf course: 8:10, 8:20, 8:30 and 8:40. cost is $45 for 18 including cart. they have clubs for rent, both righty and lefty, for $10. goose creek is in grandy, n.c. there were quite a few other choices but i went with the least expensive for this outing. if you'd like to play a more expensive and therefore a better course i suppose they are listed on the internet at http://www.aesir.com/Golf/OuterBanks/Welcome.html. at this time there are 13 signed up for golf so we have room for more. (0)
    • Golf scramble participants - June 30 '97
      Bill Kenney soccerkook@aol.com
      So far I have 12 interested in the scramble: from the Jim Kenney family; Jim, Steve, Bill and Renee, Kevin, Bob and Betsy, Tom; from the Bill Kenney family: Bill, Brian and Sean; from the Ned Kenney family: Jim. I would like to call and make tee time resevations within the next week or so, so if you are interested, or know of anyone in your immediate family that would be interested but doesn't have e-mail, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks, Bill (son of Jim) Kenney (0)
    • My name is ... - June 25 '97
      Tiger Woods
      Hey this golf tour sounds great, I'll be there. (0)
  • T-Shirt Contest - May 11 '97
    Catherine Kenney and Tom Brumm ttb@gate.net
    We would like to host a contest for a T-Shirt design for the 1997 Kenney Family Reunion. Our ideas are as follows:

    Contest entries should be worked on ahead of time, but don't have to be, and should be brought to Duck.

    They will be placed on display during the 1st couple of days at Duck for voting (blind ballot) by all present at the reunion.

    Selection of the 1997 Kenney Family Reunion T-shirt design/"logo" will be made at that time. The design winnerwill then be silk screened on to a plain white cottonT-shirt, during the latter part of the week in Duck. (We will actually be doing the silk screening ourselves and are asking each family to provide a new t-shirt for each member.)

    All designs submitted should use 1 color and the outside dimensions of the art should be about 6'' x 6''.

    Any family member can submit a design. We welcome any ideas and feedback. And, more details will follow.

    • T-Shirt update 2 - June 02 '97
      Catherine Kenney ttbjr@gate.net
      I think it would be fun to make up the t-shirts shortly after getting up there so we can wear them for events. We did some testing over the weekend and they look great. The printing looks the best on the best quality 100% cotton white t-shirt you can find. The colors will stand out better.

      We have received a couple of designs, so get them in the mail asap.

      Catherine (0)

    • Lets Wear the T-shirt - May 31 '97
      Would like to suggest that the T-shirt program be handled as early as possible in the week so that they will be of use during the Reunion. (0)
    • T-Shirt Design Update 1 - May 26 '97
      Catherine Kenney ttbjr@gate.net
      Kenney family members: We did send out E-Mail messages to folks, but wanted to post it here as well....

      After posting our initial message regarding the T-Shirt design contest. We have gotten quite a bit of positive response. Therefore we want to pass along some updated information.

      Again, here is the idea.

      Designs created have to fit on the back of a small T-Shirt for kids sizes about 4-6'' wide and 6-8'' high. One size has to fit all.

      All designs will be posted up in Duck for people to vote on. We will then screen the T-Shirts up in Duck during the week. Anyone can help.

      Designs have to be made with one color we will have background colors hand painted in with the design of choice laid over the top.

      Designs can be created before hand, or while up in Duck, however it would be easier if created before... and then forwarded to us so that we can prepare the art to be screened if chosen If designs are created via computer, email the design as an attachment to "ttbjr@gate.net".

      If designs are hand done, mail to Catherine Kenney, 1602 6th Ave. North, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250. We will receive the design and prepare it to be screened if chosen while in Duck. Finally, bring a new white T-Shirt for every shirt you want screened. We can not supply them for everyone. Again, if there are any questions, contact me thanks and we will update everyone shortly. If you have access to anyone that does not have a computer connection, please forward them all the information.

      Thanks, Catherine Kenney (0)

    • Swimming - May 17 '97
      Paula Hewitson
      There'll be no WET t-shirt contests, I hope! Paula (0)
  • Luau - April 20 '97
    Dave dak @ dave kenney . com
    This is Dave, and we would like to throw a gathering/party at our place, Tom Foolerys, there's a pool, a grill and a great sunset on the sound side, I'm thinking about a luau. Hawaiian shirt required? Anyone know how to cook up a luau?
    • Pineapple Luau - May 24 '97
      Paula Hewitson hewitson@aol.com
      Mama Mia! An Italian luau? My fourteen year old Meg makes a
      great pineapple pizza. (0)
    • Italian Luau - May 23 '97
      Joy Kenney candj418@aol.com
      My Chris is a really good cook just as Brian says. In fact he is much better than any of the other Kenney boys. He will be glad to help with the Luau. He has a lot of experience, especially Italian. So it will be an Italian Luau. (0)
    • Tofu - May 5 '97
      Justin Kenney jkenney@ocean.nos.noaa.gov
      How about a tofu pig?! i can help out with the cocktails. (0)
    • Awesome Cooks - April 23 '97
      Brian Kenney Bijoucreek@aol.com
      Kate Helm and Brian Kenney are awesome cooks. I'm sure they can come up with something for a luau. Kate doesn't know that Brian volunteered her yet. All the Bill Kenney boys are good cooks. (0)
  • Questions and Answers - August 13 '97
    Dave dak @ dave kenney . com
    Any Questions about the chat page or the site...
    • Do you pay for us to have this forum... - August 13 '97
      No, its just another web page but bound to newsgroup software that I extensively modified. The virtual site davekenney.com costs $350 a year, I got it so my email and site address dosnt change when I change internet providers or jobs. (0)
    • Will you be leaving this page up for awhile? - August 13 '97
      I thought I would keep it up for years. (0)