Tcl/Tk Palette Menu
Patent No. 6121965

On this palette menu there are tabs at the top that are scope sensitive and replace and extend the DA palette commands. This view shows tabs for the schematic scope, the "e;S"e; is for the session scope, "e;R"e; for schematic Route, "e;T"e; schematic Text, "e;D"e; for schematic Draw. Selecting the session scope changes the palette to the "e;S"e; tab. Selecting a schematic window changes to the "e;D"e; tab. Selecting a symbol window will display different tabs providing DA palette commands for the symbol scope.

In the mid section there is a pull down tear-away menu with additional commands.

In the lower section there are tabs for library symbols. Lucent engineers find accessing components through the tabs very efficient.

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