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North Attleboro, MA
Jul '99 - Present
E-commerce Store Developer, Owner and Operator.
  • Visit http://ElectronicAirCleaners.com
  • Created all content for self help in electronic air cleaner repair
  • Full Custom Store, Integrated, Procurement, Marketing, Fulfillment
Northchuch Communications
Consultant, EDA Consulting, Inc.
Andover, MA
Mar '99 - Jun '99
New Mentor site. Configured and customized environment for an LMS PCB design process. Provided development engineers with problem solving support.
Lucent Technologies - Bell Labs
Consultant, Mentor Graphics Corp. (contract)
Reading, PA
Jul '96 - Aug '98
Advanced the Design Architect environment with improved usability and integration with Lucent’s Solarity simulator. Created a symbol library and GUI customized for specific IC technologies with an automated process for adding new technologies.
Sarnoff Research Corp
Consultant, EDA Consulting, Inc.
Consultant, Mentor Graphics Corp. (contract)
Princeton, NJ
Aug '93 - Sep '95
Mar '93 - Aug '93
Developed and supported both a Mentor Graphics IC and PCB design process. Consulted in the methodology of a unified full custom IC design process. Worked with Sarnoff's IC design team to transition process, library, and in-house customization from version 7 to 8. Introduced Boardstation and transitioned Cadnetix PCB design process. Supported and trained system design engineers and PCB engineers.
Chipcom Corporation (3Com)
Consultant, Cadstar Corporation
Southborough, MA
Nov '92 - Mar '93
Developed LMS library and design methodologies. Created productivity tools and provided training and problem solving support. Supported version 8 on Sparcstations.
Cadence Design Systems
Member of Technical Staff
Canton, MA
Jul '92 - Nov '92
Developed and maintained Allegro translators. Experienced with the Allegro C procedural interface and the Sparcstation platform. Created and updated specifications using Interleaf.
  • Developed Translator from Boardstation to Allegro
  • Revised translators for importing Redac and SciCards
Motorola Codex
CAE/CAD Application Engineer
Canton, MA
Jul '89 - Jan '92
Defined and documented a Mentor Graphics system design process that significantly improved design quality and user productivity. Provided problem solving and technical support for schematic capture, digital and analog simulation, and PCB layout.
Honeywell Elecro-Optics
CAE/CAD Application Engineer
Lexington, MA
Jul '89 - Jan '92
Performed system administration, provided training and problem solving support. Supported Mentor Idea station, Analog Workbench and Calma administration. Confidential Security Clearance.
  • Evaluated and introduced Logic Automation Library. Developed and implemented integration with corporate library.
  • Corporate representative on ANSI symbol guidelines.
Foxboro Corporation
Development Engineer, Independent Consultant
Foxboro, MA
Sep '85 - Jun '87
Development team member in the design of high frequency power converters. Experienced with Valid, Sun and Unix.
  • Created and managed schematics for 40 variations of switched mode, flyback, and resonant power supplies. Also responsible for revision control.
  • Debugged SMT prototypes and tunned circuitry for performance and efficiency. Maintained patent supporting lab work documentation.
  • Developed manufacturing test procedures and trained technicians.
LTX Corporation
Associate Development Engineer
Westwood, MA
Jan '83 - Sep '85
Assisted engineers in the development of semiconductor test equipment.
  • Created schematics using Mentor Idea Station and built, debugged, and documented prototypes.
  • Performed component level repair of Data General Nova mini computers and peripherals.
Electronics Technician
Held various technical positions.
  • Pyrotronics Corp - Component level repair of access card security systems.
  • Bel-Aire Company (Dad's Company) - Repaired electronic air cleaners.